Pill cutting machine using quantitative analysis


Cut drug pause with single-phase motor matching, the use of high-grade bearing, and install the four blade on the knife dish, slow speed ratio and section of high efficacy, slice thickness can be adjusted, widely applicable to the TCM pharmacy, pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine plants and so on, has the advantages of low volume, high efficiency, easy operation, with delicate, namely save electricity and safety, etc.

Know how to use medicine cutting machine?

When adjustment: 1, to adjust to loose binding copper column nuts, next turn the nut and the direction of the thickness on the copper column adjustment, thickness after completed, must tighten the nut with the copper column.If the knife dish parallel to the blade, do not boot.The knife dish must be below blade, to boot truncated.Adjust the most about 3 mm thick, thin, stepless modulation.

2, change the blade: with hexagonal handle insert the machine side faces.Direction of rotation can be set to change, change the knife when the Allen screw loose blades of two insert blade can be replaced.

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