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In the first quarter of 2011 plant extracts export market

...... According to Chinese customs data statistics, in the first quarter of 2011 plant extracts in China imports and exports reached $310 million, up 46.4% from a year earlier.Exports of $270 million, rose 53.4%, accounting for 48.4% of merchandise exports of traditional Chinese medicine, plant extracts in the proportion of TCM products export increase gradually.
In general, the export of plant extracts are out of season in the first quarter, is the export.But plant extracts in the first quarter of this year exports have presented different features from previous years, compared with the sequential presents the sharp growth, plant extracts export markets began to rebound.

The main market surge in demand

The United States and Japan is China's traditional export market of plant extracts, is also the biggest market, on behalf of the plant extracts an indicator of market changes in temperature.Quarter of exports to the United States and Japan for $42.057 million and $36.086 million respectively, the growth rate of 66.2% and 19.8% respectively.In recent years, I plant extracts hover around 10% growth in exports to the us;To Japan's export growth of 48.3% for the first two months of this year, the "3.11" earthquake present short-term decline in export growth.This marks the prelude to the global market for medicinal and health care demand with plant extracts in the heating, plant extracts export market is likely to usher in a new high-speed growth.

In the first quarter, the European Union market become the most eye-catching plant extracts export markets.In eu countries, especially Germany, Spain, Britain, in the first quarter to import plant extracts in China close to or more than 100%.The European Union is one of the world's largest plant medicine market, one of the main destination is China's traditional exports.According to eu directive rules of the traditional plant medicine registration procedure, on April 30, 2011 has not complete registration in accordance with the new regulations will be banned the sale of traditional Chinese medicine.The fortunes of contingency, proprietary Chinese medicine was forced to withdraw from the market will allow enormous growth space for the export plant extracts, this is in the first quarter of the plant extracts is one of the main reasons for a doubling of exports to the eu.Predictably, I exports to the eu plant extracts in quite a long period of time in the future will also be a gusher.

New luminescent spot is remarkable

Plant extracts from quarter exports, some potential varieties become market to be bestowed favor on newly, and rapid growth in emerging markets deserve attention in the industry.

In recent years, natural pigment, stevia extract increases more rapidly, become the industry more focus on varieties of plant extracts, but few people mention of the plant extracts, another potential plant essential oil.Plant essential oil spices are widely used in food additives, cosmetics, proprietary Chinese medicine and other fields.Plant essential oil product exports to $61.952 million in the first quarter, year-on-year increase of 72.3%, accounting for 23.3% of the plant extracts exports.Among them, the eucalyptus oil exports, the biggest export $31.82 million in the first quarter, year-on-year increase of 75.8%.At the same time, in the first quarter of plant extracts exports have four top ten enterprises mainly export plant essential oil products, more concentrated in yunnan, guangdong and other places.

In emerging markets, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia as representative's emerging plant extracts export market is remarkable.In the first quarter, I plant extracts to this a few exports rose more than 100% of the country, exports to Brazil growth as high as 352%.These countries has the huge population and consumption potential, is likely to become a new growth point of extracts from the future of our country export.

Plant extracts export made a good start in the first quarter, the good news shows its strong growth momentum.Can be expected full-year 2011 plant extracts export record to innovation.But our plant extracts industry future development still faces many challenges, such as global localization trend obvious plant extracts;Countries increasingly strict environmental protection policies to promote enterprise increasing input costs;"Rutin propolis" and a series of food safety incidents also is a wake-up call for the industry.Phytochemistry industry challenges and opportunities coexist, to seize the moment to extend the industrial chain, to expand domestic demand market, enhance the consciousness of the quality and safety, improve environmental standards, strengthen the integrity of self-discipline, in order to ensure the health of the industry sustainable development.

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