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Common features of the total station

...... Common functions of total station 1. Angle measurement 2. Distance measurement 3. Standard measurement 4. Edge measurement 5. Suspension height measurement 6. Point loft 7. Distance loft 8. Area measurement Total station placement operation Reference: Instrument Leveling and centering 1. Place the tripod: First, open the tripod, reach the appropriate height, and tighten the three fixed screws. 2. Place the instrument on a tripod: Carefully place the instrument on the tripod, loosen the center connection screw, and gently move the instrument on the frame head until the hammer ball is aligned with the center of the station mark, then gently tighten the connection screw. 3. Use the circular level to rough the instrument. 1 Rotate the two foot spirals A and B to move the circular level bubble to a line perpendicular to the line connecting the two foot spiral centers. 2 rotating foot screw(View original)
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