Germany found lossless vegetable oil production of plastic method


University of konstanz, Germany has issued a communique said that the school of chemical materials scientists discovered a shift of vegetable oil fatty acid intact to the method in the polyester.The results contribute to the development of renewable biological plastic.

Human life is dependent on the plastic, but traditionally used to extract fossils of plastic raw material is very limited.Therefore, the use of renewable resources manufacturing polyester is the future development direction of plastic production.For example, derived from sugar, cellulose, and vegetable oil to make plastic chemical monomer biological plastic technology is one of the stars of hope.

Communique said the previous biological plastic method or only partially transformed plant fatty acid, cause some waste of raw materials;Or chemical monomer molecule structure chaos, appeared to produce plastic soft, hydrolytic instability and so on.

The method of science research in the process of manufacture of polyester, the vegetable oil fatty acids in the intact, to produce polyester molecular arrangement to maintain strict linear structure, long chain with a high degree of crystallinity, melting and its performance is enough and now general polyethylene.

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