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The choose and buy of compound floor

...... The choose and buy of compound floor


This is an important indicator to measure the quality of compound floor.To be fair, wear-resisting revolution is taller, the floor, the longer the time should be used but the discretion of the wear-resisting value is not the only standard to measure the floor use fixed number of year.In general, the wear-resisting revolution of compound floor 10000 into classy article, less than 10000 products, in the use of 1 ~ 3 years later can appear different degree of wear and tear phenomenon.

Water absorption expansion rate after

The index within 3% can be considered as qualified, otherwise, the floor wet, or in a higher relative humidity, peripheral untight seal, under the condition of deformation phenomenon will occur and affect the normal use.

Formaldehyde content

It is a relationship to our choice of product is harmful to the body of the key indicators, but it is easily ignored by consumers.According to European standard, every 100 grams of the floor formaldehyde content must not exceed 9 mg, if more than 9 mg belongs to the unqualified products.

The thickness of the floor

The thickness of the floor on the market at present is in commonly 6 ~ 12 mm, when the choice should be thicker thickness as well.The thicker the thickness, the service life is relatively longer, but at the same time to consider the actual needs of the family.

Assembling effect

Can take up two floors board assembled once, see whether neat, tight after assembly.

Weight of the floor

The floor weight mainly depends on the density of the base material.Base material determines the stability of the floor, as well as the impact resistance and so on various indicators, base material, the better, therefore, the higher the density, the floor also is heavier.

Formal certificates and test reports

When consumer is choosing floor, must make clear merchants have related certificate and quality inspection report.Relevant certificate generally include certificate of origin, the European association of compound floor floor (EPLF) certificate, ISO9001 international quality certification, ISO14001 international environmental certification, and other related quality certificate.

Environmental performance

Common concern of the consumers is the environmental performance of the floor.Your first consideration when choose the floor should be the product of environmental protection, followed by other performance of products, and price.Can experience the presence of the green certificates to confirm whether the floor is environmental protection product.

After-sales service

Aggrandizement is compound the floor general need professional installation personnel to use special tools for installation, so consumers must ask whether businesses have a professional installation team, and can provide formal warranty certificate and warranty card.

In the face of the many brands of aggrandizement wood floor on the market, actually consumer also need not dazzling, as long as the quality, design and color, environmental performance, and after-sales service and so on several aspects to obtain, can choose to fit their needs to the floor.

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