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The climate characteristics of yuhang town

...... Yuhang town - climate characteristicsYuhang town,Yuhang town,

Yuhang is located in the north subtropical monsoon climate zone in the south edge.Summer and winter long during the spring and autumn short, warm and humid, four seasons, sufficient sunlight, rainfall amount.Annual average temperature 15.3 to 16.2 , annual average rainfall of 1391.8 mm.Because in different terrain, its difference is obvious, the spring wind in winter and summer, alternate, changes in temperature air activity is frequent, spring rain, a series of variable, larger changes in the weather.Perennial set in of plum rains in mid-june, early July not, rainfall is relatively concentrated, the end of the plum rains in summer, the tropical high pressure control, prevailed in the sinking airflow, the sunny hot weather, high temperature and strong sunshine, evaporation is big, easy to have FuXia.Autumn, autumn, the weather is stable.Winter, northwest wind blowing, cold and dry, in case of strong cold air, the north is cold.Climate characteristics as the temperature is moderate, is suitable for double, three cropping system.The rain same heat, is conducive to stem crops and melon and fruit production.Is located in the subtropical north subtropical transition zone, suitable for cultivation of the north and the south a variety of crops, has the development of grain production and a variety of economic crops climate advantages.

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