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The origin of the dong's code section

...... The origin of the dong's code sectionDong samar sectionDong samar section

Samar section (the) is the southern dong's oldest traditional festivals, customs legacy is dong matriarchal society period.
"Samar is dong language transliteration," ", "the grandmother," m "means big, samar can Chinese translation for" grandmother "(also called years old), she is the entire dong (especially the southern dialect region) common ancestor god incarnate.Dong think ancestors enjoyed a huge and supreme, can give people the power to defeat the enemy, overcome nature, overcome disasters, win the village prosperity, happiness, good harvest, human and therefore to worship, as dong the forgiveness of god.
Samar, meanwhile, is the legendary ancient female hero, in ancient dong society occupies an important position in the political, military, culture, etc.From as early as in matriarchal society, dong a courageous warrior's chief, in fighting enemies invaded the mutant repeatedly evidence, unfortunately in a battle with dozens of times has surrounded by enemy soldiers, finally heroic sacrifice.People will Revere to her, as she could bring peace auspicious deity, addressed her as "samar".Dong has a saying: dong's big, hakka (han) temple.In the heart of dong people, samar is their biggest god.
To sacrifice samar, people in the middle of the stockade TuPing up hill, as the altar and the sacrifices of places - "but Mr" (dong language, "but" is houses, Chinese translation for "grandmother's house", also called samar shrine, the virgin temple).Some also has a DongZhai samar shrine.Guangxu period in qing dynasty, the villages of the triple gem open-air altars successively built to house "but samar" called samar,'s means is that the room no idols, only a god, ghost tree on a half open big black umbrella, umbrella base has a heap of stones, that is, the symbol of a symbol of the DongGuRen in samar ghost under the bless of happy life, solidarity is strong.
Day of the first lunar month every year, in February in "however," held a grand festival, the scene is vast and magnificent, handed down from generation to generation, formed today's "samar festival".

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