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The main symptoms of chicken skin

...... Chicken skin - main symptoms Chicken skin is fairly common skin problems, it is a kind of keratinization dominance heredity metabolic abnormalities in the body, there is a 50% chance that will be passed on to the next generation, usually from puberty symptoms, to 30, 40, will become more and more not obvious, generally will not leave any sequela.

The incidence of it is as high as 40% ~ 50%, mainly occurs in the lateral aspect of the arm, thigh stretch side, serious when, even the lateral aspect of the elbow, legs stretched out on the side, looks like has cutin accumulated in the phenomenon of hair follicle openings, severe when there will be around the phenomenon of redness or swelling, let a person misunderstanding thought their arms or legs long a lot of acne and inflammatory acne, but if forced to squeeze it, can cause red spots.

If there is a little by little red pores, and even the touch feel grain of grain convex, this is the hair follicles.Again a little bit serious, the color of the pores will be deeper, dark red or brown, particles will be more rough and looks like a goose bumps.It appears the most common, it is in the lateral upper arm, leg and neck, some people even the whole back, face, can appear the symptom of hair follicle keratinization.

The symptoms of the winter will be more serious, because and hair follicle keratinization is associated with cutin thick, so when the climate is dry and cold, cutin thick can aggravate the situation, also makes the symptoms become more obvious.
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