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The classification of the clinical diagnostic reagents

...... Diagnostic reagents - classification of clinical diagnostic reagents

Diagnostic reagentsDiagnostic reagents supplies According to the medical inspection items, clinical diagnostic reagents can be roughly divided into clinical chemistry test reagents, immunological and serological detection reagent, hematology, microbiology, and cytogenetics detection reagent detection reagent and exfoliated cells, body fluids, waste detection reagents, such as genetic diagnosis reagent type.In clinical chemistry, largest market share, close to 34%;Followed by immunological market, accounting for 29%.New immune diagnostic reagents and genetic diagnosis reagent is developed in the late 1980 s, both technology and market, are now all diagnostic reagents of the fastest growing in the product.

S clinical biochemical reagents: clinical and biochemical reagents mainly include determination of enzymes, carbohydrate, lipid, protein and nonprotein nitrogen, inorganic elements, liver function, serum several categories of products, such as clinical chemistry control is used to cooperate with manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic biochemical analyzer instruments such as testing, have single reagent, liquid double reagent, dry powder double reagent, chemical reagent, standard substance, such as specifications, at the same time, between each manufacturer offer is applicable to measure the serum series of indoor quality control quality control.

S immune diagnostic reagents: immune diagnostic reagents in the diagnosis of most varieties in the kit, according to the diagnostic categories, can be divided into the infectious disease, endocrine, tumor, drug testing, blood typing, etc.Judging from the results of methodology and can be divided into the EIA, colloidal gold, chemiluminescence, isotopes, such as different types of reagents, including immune reagent of radioactive isotopes because of environmental pollution is in, the current in the international market have been eliminated, and a small amount of domestic use.

S molecular diagnostic reagents: clinical molecular diagnostic reagents are mainly have used techniques for nucleic acid amplification (PCR) products at home and abroad and the current are research and development of gene chip products.PCR products with high sensitivity, strong specificity, diagnostic window period is short, can be carried out qualitative and quantitative detection, was widely used for hepatitis, venereal disease, pulmonary infectious disease, and genetic disease genes of eugenic and superior nurture, tumor detection, but due to market turmoil and cross pollution and so on, the ministry of health, prohibited the fluorescence electrophoresis qualitative PCR reagents in the clinical application, the state food and drug administration has approved a few has solved the cross contamination of hybrid semi-quantitative and quantitative kit.Gene chip is molecular biology, microelectronics, computer and so on the crystallization of the multidisciplinary combination, a combination of a variety of modern advanced technology, by experts as the ultimate diagnosis industry product, but the cost is high, the development difficulty is big, the products is very few, only used for scientific research and drug screening purposes.

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