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The ecological environment of the Snow White tea

...... Snow White tea - ecological environmentSnow White teaSnow White tea

The temperature

From 3000-5000 meters above sea level elevation of snow-capped mountains, grassland, in the end, all the year round average temperature of 15 , 300 meters above sea level, below 14 , in July average temperature 28.2 , January average temperature 2.1 , the spring and autumn period and the temperature cool gentle, April and October average temperature 15.4 , 16.7 , respectively.The annual average frost-free period 210-210 days, the average first frost day was on November 5, last frost date is March 29, stable by 10 in the early days of April 15, ended in November 4-9;Acuity 0 accumulated temperature is 5085-5500 ;Acuity 10 accumulated temperature is 4384-4750 .


Total annual solar radiation is 506180 focal/cm2, the solar radiation during the daily average temperature 0 or higher to 369690 focal/cm2, 73% of the total annual shoot quantity.Annual sunshine hours of 2000-2230 hours, annual sunshine percentage at about 50%, abundant energy resources.


An average annual rainfall between 1200-1400 mm, according to the statistics, the average annual precipitation in 25 years, 28.9% in spring and summer (41.1%), autumn (19.4%), winter (10.6%).The annual average precipitation days to 125.6 days, perennial relative humidity 80%, dry degree below 0.8, belongs to the humid region.


Soil type is more complex.In (mountain) is mainly yellow brown soil, namely ordinary yellow brown soil and mountain yellow brown soil, parent material is granite, granitic gneiss, Angle more flash gneiss, high organic matter content, soil fertility and good permeability, PH4.8-5.5

Lijiang snow teaLijiang snow tea;Hillock area outside the hill (mountain) subordinate shu is the differentiation of PSD and yellow brown soil, soil layer is thick, but magnetism shallow, and the heavy clay underlying common waterproof glue layer, fertility and poor permeability, PH5-6.5;Next a few and the river valley, mostly alluvial soil type, namely sandy loam (sand), soil deep, high fertility, can good permeability, generally for high tea garden area.

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