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Shandong fast-growing chicken breeding illegal drug delivery: more sales to foreign fast food enterprises (2)

...... It is understood that most of the chickens that may be problematic are sold to domestic and foreign fast food enterprises. The relevant enterprises only need to check the quarantine certificate before accepting the chicken meat, and do not conduct testing. [link] Feed banned hormone drugs It is understood that as early as 2005, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "Emergency Notice on the Investigation of Antiviral Drugs such as Amantadine", which clearly banned anti-virus such as amantadine and ribavirin. Sales and use of veterinary drugs. The data show that dexamethasone is an adrenal corticosteroid. Long-term use can cause weight gain and cause obesity. China's "Regulations on the Administration of Veterinary Drugs" clearly stipulates that the addition of hormonal drugs to feed and animal drinking water is prohibited.(View original)
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