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What is good for high blood pressure?

...... Fruits and vegetables What does high blood pressure eat? This is a question for many hypertensive patients. Before answering high blood pressure patients, the dietitian of the Life Cycle Network Eucommia gold combination antihypertensive product for the treatment of hypertension, the following summary: Chinese medicine believes that high blood pressure is due to the patient's ordinary taste of the cream, or emotional uneasiness, liver qi stagnation, liver yang What caused the upper jaw, it can be seen that many people's high blood pressure is caused by not paying attention to the diet. Therefore, what the high blood pressure patients eat has a great impact on their own blood pressure. So, what is good for high blood pressure? Here is an introduction for everyone. Hypertension has both primary and secondary. Essential hypertension is a chronic systemic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. Traditional Chinese medicine belongs to the category of liver yang, headache, dizziness, etc. If there is a cerebrovascular accident, it becomes a "stroke"; if it forms a hypertensive heart disease, it belongs to the category of "heart palpitations" and "chest"; secondary Sexual hypertension is a syndrome caused by other diseases (such as kidney, intracranial lesions, endocrine, etc.), also known as symptomatic hypertension. Essential hypertension, caused by anxiety, long-term mental stress, and adverse stimuli, produces a stress response that causes cerebral cortex dysfunction, and the cortical and subcortical centers regulate each other.(View original)
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