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PowerMILL - processing ideal tool electrode

...... PowerMILL can help you in the workshop production and processing electrode.PowerMILL option module Delcam Electrode Electrode in the automatically generated wizard, can make you in a few minutes extraction Electrode, generate the Electrode clamping and setting up the list, at the same time produce processing ElectrodeThe cutting toolThe path.

Graphite electrode and copper electrode, PowerMILL can help you in the shortest possible time to complete the electrode from the slab to the finished product processing.PowerMILL is your ideal tool electrode processing.PowerMILL help you eliminate the bottleneck in the process of manufacturing, production of traditional cutting tool can't work out the complex shape parts.

Using PowerMILL machining electrode has the following advantages:


Many PowerMILL users will use a powerful combination of templates and macros for automatic electrode processing.Templates and macros are very easy to create and edit, and can provide complete control.After prepared electrode geometry form, can according to the electrode geometry and materials, from user-defined library to choose the appropriate macro.Macros will automatically select the appropriate template sequence processing electrode.Every step of operation, the template will automatically perform the following operations:

Bring about selecting the appropriate strategy
Bring about choosing the right tool
Bring about adjusting feed and speed
Bring on the specified accurate discharge gap EDM machine tool applications
Bring about calculation for roughing and semi-finishing and finish machining electrode size
Bring about creating concise and easy to understand for processing workshop set list
Bring about optimization of thin walled electrode strategy, avoid electrode scrap
Bring to machine tool output accurate NC code



For electrode shape especially complex, or need human intervention, PowerMILL can provide a series of quality first-class processing strategy, including:

Bring area clearance - with the fastest speed to remove a large number of materials
Bring about residue processing - automatic roughing and finishing for scrap processing
Bring about automatic steep and shallow machining - automatically using different strategies of electrode independent area - steep area using processing such as strategy, shallow area is the use of 3 d offset processing strategy.



Resection rate control can be automatically limit a single tool blank resection rate, risk of damage to eliminate the brittle materials such as graphite.

If you have multiple spindle of machine tool, you can also use:

Bring Swarf machining - use tool side blade taper electrode
Bring five axes linkage - as far as possible to use the length of the shortest, rigid best tool

Multi-axis machining can improve the material removal rate, improve the quality of surface processing, reduce manual processing capacity in the late.(end)
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