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The cow drug use should be cautious


In general, the cow disease if it is not very serious, do not use antibiotics.If must use antibiotics, had better use injection mode, do not oral.

Cattle are more stomach animals, oral medicine, antibiotics will kill the cow part of beneficial microbes in the rumen, resulting in the cows in the rumen microflora imbalances.Little calf in rumen microbial community had been built before, in order to prevent the growth, can proper feeding some antibiotics, but grow to 7-8 months old, don't feed.

In addition, to the number of cows given antibiotics to as little as possible.Injections because cow's timid, very sensitive, the stimulus will affect the cow milk production.Vaccination may also affect the cow milk production, especially in hot summer, so try to adopt seedlings.

If a cow is not ill, you'd better shut down until after the treatment, lest affect milk production.

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