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Use and adjustment of rapeseed trencher

...... The IKSH-20 type rapeseed trencher equipped with the Dongfeng-12 walking tractor can complete the work of ditching, crushing soil and soil-covering (covering soil) at one time. It is especially suitable for no-tillage spreading and ditch-covered rapeseed cultivation in paddy fields after two-day rice harvesting. The machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, high efficiency, good efficiency and low labor intensity, and is a machine for saving efficiency. When using the trencher, the operator should pay attention to the following problems: 1. Master the humidity of the mud. After harvesting the rice fields two nights later, the humidity of the field mud should be suitable. Generally, the soil is grabbed by hand, and the mixture is not agglomerated. Too wet, the machine can not be under the field; too dry, increase the wear and tear of the machine. 2. The trencher is installed in the middle of the rotary shaft of the rotary tiller. The original coulter and cover on the rotary tiller should be removed, and then the machine of the trencher should be installed. At the same time, the rotary cutter should be installed on the rotary tiller. The driving gear is exchanged with the driven gear to obtain a high speed. The original speed is 188 rpm, and the speed can be 256 rpm after switching to the passive gear. This is conducive to the chopping and spreading of the soil. Generally, it can be thrown 0.8-1 meters. 3. The depth of trenching is generally 0.15-0.20 meters. The adjustment method is as follows: 6 on both ends of the support shaft after loosening the rotary tiller(View original)
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