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Dairy cattle reproductive dysfunction prevention and control technology

...... Reproductive dysfunction is a common, long-standing problem that is difficult to solve in the production of dairy cows. Dairy cows are significantly higher than other cattle, with a ratio of 15-20%. In addition to genital tract diseases such as uterine inflammation, human factors and physiological factors are: 1. Recessive estrus The hidden estrus is common in dairy cows of all ages, accounting for about 13%. The factors affecting recessive estrus are the result of a combination of underactivity (tethering), high temperature, malnutrition, genetics and unobserved and improper identification. However, in production practice, the hidden estrus of high-yield dairy cows is mostly. Because high-yield cows inhibit the secretion of estrogen with the increase of milk production, resulting in estrus is not obvious, resulting in difficult to observe and missed, and some in order to obtain higher milk yield, in the first estrus after delivery, artificially unworthy, often Caused multiple times of compounding, so the first estrus breeding in 42-60 days after delivery is the key to improving the conception rate and determining the lifetime milk production. 2, ovarian restlessness This type of cows are mostly poor nutritional status, poor physical condition, lack of exercise in the first child of young cows, rectal examination of uterine atrophy, bilateral ovaries are small, no corpus luteum. The main measures are to strengthen feeding management, comprehensive nutrition, and recovery of body condition, especially to ensure that cows have a certain amount of quality green cognac every day.(View original)
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