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Drink beer safely

...... As a kind of refreshing drink, beer is more and more popular and loved by the Chinese people. Due to the lack of consumption knowledge, there has also been a beer bottle explosion. In fact, at present, most of the beer produced in China is bottled with pressure products. After beer bottling, after pasteurization, carbon dioxide expansion, the pressure inside the bottle rises, when the overpressure bottle and the pressure difference bottle are pasteurized, It has exploded naturally and will not enter the market as a finished product. Therefore, beer generally does not burst. In daily life, the occurrence of bottle explosions is caused by improper transportation, handling, storage and opening. To this end, it should be done during transportation, sales and drinking: First, the beer circulating in the market is mostly tied with nylon rope. Therefore, when transporting, loading and unloading the vehicle, it should be handled with care and firmly, so as not to collide or bump. . Second, beer should be sold indoors, beer is stacked in the door of the store, the wind is blowing, the pressure inside the bottle will rise, therefore, everyone should not buy the exposed beer(View original)
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