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Chongqing: Selling flowers without quarantine, the maximum penalty is 2,000 yuan

...... The reporter was informed yesterday that in order to prevent some plant killers from flowing into the mountain city through the flower market, the forestry bureau of Chongqing Municipal Forestry Bureau will successively set up quarantine points in the major flower trading markets to quarantine the flowers that are imported every day. At present, there are five kinds of organisms that are mainly quarantined in Chongqing, namely, Solidago canadensis, Red fire ant, Yellow spotted hornbill, Liyuan carp, and pine crater. Sen defensive law enforcement officers said that the first place to set up an on-site quarantine point is the Jiangbei North Flower Market, which will be extended to other major flower markets in the future. All the business operators and flowers operated by the Chongqing flower market must be quarantined before they can be sold. For those who operate flowers without a quarantine registration certificate, they may be fined between 200 yuan and 2,000 yuan; for flowers without a quarantine certificate, a fine of 1,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan will be imposed; if the harmful organisms are transmitted to Chongqing and cause proliferation, then Can be fined more than 50,000 yuan. (Reporter Anonymous)(View original)
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