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Inspection and quarantine experts reminded: Fujian loses flowers to face five major constraints

...... The flower industry is an emerging and highly promising industry in China. Japan is one of the most important flower exporting countries in China. In the first five months of this year, only the flower production base in Zhangzhou exported more than 1.2 million US dollars of flowers, seedlings and seeds to Japan. , an increase of nearly 30% over the same period last year. Although China's flower exports to Japan have increased year by year in recent years, experts in Fujian inspection and quarantine have warned that Fujian's flower delivery to Japan is facing five major constraints and deserves industry attention. First, Japan's inspection of imported flower quality is becoming more and more strict, and the protection of new plant varieties is constantly strengthened. However, China's flowers generally lack independent intellectual property rights, and enterprises are not aware of this aspect. Second, flower growers have insufficient analysis of market demand, especially the quality assessment grading standards that are not in line with international standards, which increase the risk of product export. The third is that the flowers exported to Japan are mainly low-end products. Taking lilies as an example, the starting price is only half of the price of Japanese flowers of the same variety, which directly affects the development of China's flower industry. Fourth, the cold storage logistics center and the whole process of cold chain transportation are not perfect, resulting in unstable flower product quality and restricting the expansion of flowers. Fifth, with the continuous rise of international oil prices, various transportation costs continue to increase, and the profits of flower export enterprises are further weakened. (remember(View original)
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