Zou Yigui: Flower and Bird Scroll

...... Zou Yigui (1688~1772), a painter of the Qing Dynasty. The original word, the number of hills, the late second two old people. Wuxi, Jiangsu. In the five years of Yongzheng, he was changed to a scholar, and he was awarded a certificate. He once served as the supervising censor of Yunnan Road, the Ministry of Rites, the Shaoqing Temple, the rites, and the cabinet. Qianlong twenty-three years old. Work poetry, calligraphy and painting, good at flowers, Shufa Shouping, more for sketching flowers, or heavy powder point, dyed in light colors, or bright and clear. There are "Tenghua 芍 图 图", "古古梅花图", "Flower Book" and so on. The book "The Painting of the Hill" discusses the flower technique, composition, ink, tinting, baking, stone, point, moss, painter, painting, paint, decoration and plastic paper, etc. It is especially important to discuss the flower technique. (Reporter Anonymous)(View original)
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