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Lang Shining, "Auspicious Rich Flowers and Birds"

...... Fortune and Good LuckPainting of Bird and Blossoms by Lang Shining The original painting is 67.3 cm long and 32.3 cm wide. It is hidden in the Palace Museum in Beijing. This picture of "Auspicious Rich Flowers and Birds" by the Italian court painter Lang Shining, the composition of the picture is quiet and harmonious, colorful and full, meaning auspicious and wealthy, Guotai Min'an. In the lower left corner of the picture, there is a painter's tribute: "Jin Lang Shi Ning Gong painting" six characters, indicating that this work was painted by Lang Shining in the court specifically for the emperor. The court painters are often influenced by the emperor and draw some propositional paintings. Most of them are landscapes, flowers, birds and beasts that show rich and auspicious and festive content. They are used to hang in the court, to decorate the palace and to be enjoyed by the emperor. Some of them are artistically high or are particularly popular with the emperor. The painting is also used as a collection in the palace. This painting is from the original pen of Lang Shining. Although the picture still maintains the basic pattern of traditional Chinese painting, the characteristics of European painting can still be seen everywhere in the painting. For example, two birds pay attention to the expression of feather texture; White powder points out "high light" (ie, reflective); tree trunk mottled(View original)
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