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Seedbed and shade for flower cultivation

...... First, the seedbed is used for seeding and cutting propagation of winter and early spring flowers. In the place where there is electricity supply, an electric heating bed can be used. This type of hot bed has many features and has been widely used. The size of the electric heating bed depends on the rated power of the heating line, the local climate at the time, the temperature of the crop, and the heat dissipation. There is an electric hotbed in the greenhouse. Generally, a 1000W electric heating line can be used to lay a hotbed of 10 square meters (10*1 meters). When wiring, both sides are dense and the middle is thin to ensure uniform temperature of the seedbed. Connect the wired heating wire to the output button on the adjustable transformer, and connect the wire on the adjustable transformer input button to the input button of the 6301 relay. Place the substrate on the insertion bed, such as aphids, perlite, and charcoal. Soil, etc., then insert a conductive thermometer into the substrate. In addition, if the required temperature is not reached, the bed surface can be covered with warmth. When using an electric hotbed, pay attention to check whether the heating line is leaking to ensure personal safety. The electric hotbed can be used not only for cutting but also for seeding. The shade shelter is an essential equipment for flower cultivation. Since most species of greenhouse flowers are negative and semi-negative plants, they are not resistant to the high temperatures in summer greenhouses. It is necessary to set up shade sheds for the benefit of summer; negative and semi-negative flowers are planted in the open field.(View original)
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