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Flower production with garlic

...... Garlic contains garlicine, which is hydrolyzed into garlicin by garlic enzymes and used as a plant pesticide in flower production. It has many uses. 1. Promote germination. Peel and smash the garlic, and spray the buds of Magnolia, Osmanthus fragrans, Chamomile and Lamei with a ratio of 1:3, and sprout the buds 5 days to 7 in advance. Applying the cuts caused by the flower trim can prevent the cuts from drying out and promote the germination. 2. Anti-wound rot, Bauhinia, Forsythia and other woody flower roots are dried and rotted, flattened with a sharp knife, deep into the xylem, and cut the good skin around the pathogen into a smooth slope of 60 C to expose the yellow-green layer. Well, use the garlic flap to directly rub the wound and attach it to a layer of garlic liquid. Apply it once every 7 to 10 days. It has anti-corrosion effect and is better in summer. 3. Control the mites, chop the garlic, add 1 part of water and mix well, add 50 parts of water, stir evenly, and use with the use. Spray it evenly on the flower leaf(View original)
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