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Cucumber and pumpkin grafting points

...... Cucumber is a susceptible crop, which is susceptible to illness. Even a batch of cucumbers are not harvested and shed. There are many types of diseases, such as downy mildew, anthracnose, blight, root nodule, disease, and viral diseases. In order to improve the disease resistance and increase yield of cucumber, the most effective way is to solve it by grafting. 1. Selection of rootstocks: Choose pumpkin varieties with good affinity and strong disease resistance. 2. Scion selection: Choose cucumber varieties with good quality and high yield. 3. Grafting period: It is the best grafting period when the first true leaf is half-expanded to full expansion. The rootstocks were sown 13 to 15 days before grafting, and the scions were sown 16 to 20 days before grafting. 4. Strictly prevent rootstocks and scion seedlings. 5, grafting method: relying on the law. 5.1 Excavate the rootstock and scion with soil. 5.2 Cut the true leaves and heart leaves of the rootstock pumpkin, then cut a bit obliquely downward on the hypocotyl, the depth is half of the stem; cut the cucumber hypocotyls obliquely upward, the mouth depth is 3/5 , the interface is on the surface(View original)
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