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Brazilian wood breeding and cultivation management techniques

...... Brazilian iron pillars are hot, humid and sunny, and the leaves are faded when they are too shaded. Half shade in the summer, avoid alkaline soil. Potted soil should be used with humus or peat soil, adding about 1/4 of river sand or perlite and a small amount of decomposed organic fertilizer. The soil is loose, well drained, rich in organic matter, and beneficial to its growth. During the growth period, a thin fertilizer solution mainly composed of phosphorus and potassium is applied for about half a month to prevent the plant from growing and leaf color returning to green. Every spring, the basin is changed, the soil is changed, and the base fertilizer is applied. Brazil's iron column has strong adaptability and strong ability to resist drought. It will not die if it is not watered for several days. But if you want to grow well, you must have sufficient water supply. Especially in the summer of vigorous growth, there is no shortage of water. The flower pots are placed in a sunny room. If the temperature is right, the water and fertilizer are appropriate and can grow throughout the year. Only when the temperature is lower than 13 C, the plants do not sleep, stop growing, at this time should reduce the watering, to see wet and dry, stop topdressing. Low temperature is the main cause of winter leaves(View original)
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