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New technology for early-maturing nectarine greenhouse cultivation

...... First, the choice of varieties greenhouse cultivation of nectarine is generally for pre-cultivation, should choose low-temperature early varieties, such as early sweet, Jinshan early red, Shuguang and so on. The cold demand of these varieties is less than 750 hours, the self-flowering rate is higher, the fruit is larger, and the internal and external quality is better. Second, the production management in the early stage of the shed. The early-maturing nectarine cultivated in greenhouses should generally choose the varieties with weak tree potential, adopting the dense planting method of 2 meters X 3 meters, and the north-south direction is convenient for daylighting. To increase the previous production, you can use the dense planting method of 1 m X 1.5 m, and after two years, the thinning of the plants. Management should adopt the method of promoting and controlling the front, that is, digging a large hole of 0.8 meters in length, width and depth before planting, backfilling with farmyard manure and surface soil to create a deep, loose and fat growing environment for seedlings. When the plant shoots grow about 50 cm in May, the fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer is started every 15 days. In June, at the same time as topdressing at the roots, 0.3% urea and 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate were sprayed on the foliage to promote rapid plant growth. In mid-July, 15% paclobutrazol (PP333) 300 times solution can be used to spray, inhibiting shoot growth, shortening internodes, and promoting flower bud differentiation. Third, the production management during the shed period The shed is generally carried out from late November to the end of December. according to(View original)
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