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Application of vacuum aluminum coated paper on cigarette packets

...... Consumption has become the goal that people pursue. Under the influence of the international environment, the call for accelerating the process of greening the packaging industry in China is also growing stronger. Vacuum aluminum-plated paper has been popular in Europe and the United States for its green and environmentally friendly characteristics; its noble metal texture, good packaging suitability and price. The advantages also attract the attention of China's packaging industry, which is famous in China's printing and packaging industry, and the scale of its use is also growing. The current situation of the use of cigarette paper With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumers have put forward a higher level of requirements for the outer packaging of cigarettes. In recent years, the appearance of high-end cigarette packaging in China has rapidly increased. Many high-end cigarette packaging has far exceeded the packaging level of some internationally renowned brand products, but there are many hidden problems behind the beautiful packaging. A smoker once said to his friend with a beautiful cigarette box: "I really can't give up such a beautiful artwork!" Reflecting from this case is the reality of the company's excessive pursuit of luxury packaging. In order to seize the market, all tobacco companies can use the non-degradable aluminum foil composite paper, PET film paper and other materials to improve the appearance of cigarette packages. difficult(View original)
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