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Discussion on fire fighting and rescue countermeasures in chemical industry

...... In recent years, poisonous gas and chemical dangerous goods leaks and explosions have occurred continuously at home and abroad, causing a large number of casualties and economic losses. In 1984, the isocyanate methyl ester leaked from the Bhopal pesticide plant in India, causing 3,150 deaths, 50,000 blindness, 20,000 people were seriously poisoned, and 150,000 people were treated. In 1995, the Tokyo Metro Sharin gas was shocked. The incident caused 10 deaths, 75 people were unconscious, and more than 5,500 people were sent to hospital for rescue, which caused concern in all countries of the world. At present, although there have been no similar major gas poisoning and disaster accidents in China, there have also been accidents such as the Beijing Oriental Chemical Plant and the 3.5 liquefied gas explosion in Xi'an. With the rapid development of China's economic construction, the chemical industry, subways, high-rise and underground buildings, and places where people are highly concentrated are increasing, especially to prevent accidents and damages in these facilities and places in chemical sites, and timely and effective disposal may occur. weight(View original)
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