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Collaborative OA system case: small and medium-sized enterprise process management

Collaborative OA system case: small and medium-sized enterprise process management
1, project background

Dalian fly and the information technology co., LTD. Is a wholly owned subsidiary of dalian Commodity Exchange (hereinafter referred to as exchange), a registered capital of 30 million yuan, the main business for the exchange and the China's futures market to provide information technology services.The company's technical team brings together well-known colleges and universities of doctor, master, company technology research and development staff ratio of 88.2%.

Fly through nearly 10 years of development, the company has from the simple service domestic securities and futures in dalian Commodity Exchange into a service contract research,softwareDevelopment, Internet technology, e-commerce, market service, custodians, diversification acceptance testing services for the integration of comprehensive financial information service platform.

Fly a company belongs to the typical small and medium-sized enterprises, currently has more than 130 employees, because in the service of the high security requirement of futures market, so the company internal has strict entrance guard management, and everyone can reach the entrance guard of different levels, so even if is the company's internal approval is a tedious process.

Moreover, fly and the company has research and development of a branch office in Beijing, between the branches and head office for examination and approval is more trouble, communication, data, audit can not be synchronized, often want to spend a lot of time and energy to coordinate and track.

Fly a company, therefore, the demand for collaborative OA system the most core is the process management, completely solve the problem of the process of internal audit management and reporting statistics.Fly through collaborative OA system, a company can form closely with their business relationship to make standardized templates, and standardized process, completely break level, geographical, time constraints, greatly improve the efficiency and quality.

In addition, because itself belongs to financial related enterprises, so fly hit a security company for collaborative OA system is much better than the general customer's requirements.

2, implementation process,

After careful selection, fly the company chose to huatian dynamic collaborative OA system of technology leader.Alex dynamic collaborative OA system has the industry's most perfect, the most flexible and easy to use workflow management system, meet the demand of all kinds of complex process management on performance is good.And developed with J2EE platform, with tight security design mechanism, on security, stability and expanding with good security.

Fly a company of the implementation of the strategy is: first completely according to the implementation of standardized products, stay on the system the basic application of master, and according to the application of secondary development of the reentry after finishing needs further.So the implementation of the early work is simpler, can be divided into two stages.

The first stage: system installation, personnel import.

Collaborative OA system is installed, and import the customer organization, user name, setting post level and position of the corresponding personnel.The implementation of the system after the installation, alex dynamic personnel to fly a system administrator to carry on the specialized training, let them use of collaborative OA system and maintain a certain degree of understanding.After completion of the work, the implementation of personnel and fly a project leader communication, confirm the need to make forms and processes, and new requirements, the next step to implement according to the arrangement of the content and custom development plan, custom development, of course, don't do right away.

The second stage: the form, process Settings, start the system.

Fly and the company did not take on too much perfection, in the first stage only identified more than 40 pieces of the most common form, including overtime application, approval for employment, assets receiving report, contract and payment form, purchasing schedule, please purchase application, office supplies application form, fixed assets form and so on, covering the personnel department, finance department and comprehensive department.These forms are made by alex dynamic collaborative OA system of the implementation of the personnel to assist fly and make to the company's system administrator.

These forms have different characteristics, the general department form the most, probably more than 20;The finance department of the form is less but the process is complex, contains a large amount of condition design, judge condition very much;The personnel of the form is not much, but the form made up more troublesome, involved in the control and the content is very much, often a form to add dozens of control is less.

The original idea is to fly a company financial examination and approval of the branches and head office for a unified process and form, but in the implementation, it found that Beijing branch of the audit process than to complex, from the head office and audit personnel post level difference is very big also.In addition, because the amount of examination and approval authority, the different form to determine the condition of the difference is very big also, so it will be for examination and approval of the branches and head office did break away from the template.Considering the late do statistics report and related items set of convenient, also gave up more than a form process setting method.

Again, the excessive pursuit of unification and automation operation will be complicated, but is not conducive to the use of collaborative OA system, and should consider the balance between the specification and is easy to use, comprehensive this is alex in the case of frequently encountered in the implementation of power.

Because the system just enabled, there may be adjusted the format of the form in the future, and some financial, personnel and data combined with the local need to secondary development, so the format of the report temporarily not sure, need in post processing.

After the internal testing of the system, the system can run the official.

3, form instance

Diagram below, to fly the company Beijing branch "expenses" design:


Within the "expense account" involves two data association, a can be associated with "budget" budget, 2 it is can be associated with "borrowing form" advance amount.Fly the form of a company, in fact, there are a large number of data correlation design, personnel and finance can realize data exchange between different form and share, this is alex characteristic of dynamic collaborative OA system.

The approval process for this "expenses" diagram below:


In this flow chart involves several conditional jumps, system will automatically according to the different positions and reimbursement amount, the judging flow next steps.Such as "financial review" step 2 after may flow through 3 steps, steps 4, 5 or 6, process jump conditions set by the administrator and maintenance.


As an IT enterprise, fly and acceptance of information technology and understanding is very high, making IT in collaborative OA system of project, the research on demand, product selection and implementation of the development of a series of work was very practical and rational, this kind of correct thinking is half the battle.
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