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Characteristics of the Equipment Management Regulations

...... (1) The "Regulations on Equipment Management" is a product that combines the theory and methods of modern equipment management with the specific practices of the country to meet the requirements of China's Piping Construction and Enterprise Management Modernization. It draws on advanced foreign theories and practices, and summarizes and improves the successful experience of China's equipment management since the founding of the People's Republic of China. It embodies the principle of "taking me as the mainstay, learning from others, integrating and refining, and becoming a family", which is in line with China's reality and has certain Chinese characteristics. (2) The "Regulations on Equipment Management" provides a principled regulation for the common problems of equipment management in China, and the specific management measures are formulated by the competent departments of various industries, provinces and municipalities according to the characteristics of the industry and region (such as "equipment" The implementation rules of the Regulations, etc.) shall be decided by the enterprise according to the actual situation. In this way, it not only adheres to the macro guidance in principle, but also respects the power of independent management of enterprises, and reflects the spirit of China's economic system reform.(View original)
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