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...... Mechanical engineering professional societiesjixie gongcheng xueshu tuanti mechanical engineering academic group (volume name: mechanical engineering) mechanical engineering professional societies The world's first established mechanical engineering academic group is the British Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IME), founded in 1847, the first One chairman is the railway locomotive inventor Stephenson, G. The establishment of the British Society of Mechanical Engineers marks the establishment of mechanical engineering as an independent discipline, and mechanical engineers are recognized by society as respected titles. Prior to this, people engaged in the manufacture, use and repair of machinery, known as machine builders, had a low social status. With the development of machinery manufacturing as an independent industrial sector, the Institute of Mechanical Engineers has been established. This reflects to a large extent the initial stage of the machinery industry. Business owners and technicians are required to freely conduct academic exchanges, safeguard common interests, and strive to improve. The common aspiration of social status. In the West, mechanical engineers learn and(View original)
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