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Charging circuit circuit diagram: single-stage PFC circuit diagram

...... The inverter of the electric vehicle charger works in the high frequency state, which will cause harmonic pollution to the power grid. Effective measures (such as power factor correction or reactive power compensation) must be taken to limit the total electric vehicle charger converter entering the grid. The amount of harmonics. For the time being, the charging converter must meet the IEEE 519-1992 standard or a similar standard. To meet these standards, the charger converter can select a single-stage or two-stage PFC circuit and a charging function integrated charger according to different charging level requirements. In order to further improve the conversion efficiency, a soft switching circuit can be used to operate at a high frequency to reduce the loss of the switching tube. Welcome to reprint, the information comes from the Weiku electronic market network (www.dzsc.com)(View original)
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