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What is the crystal facet of minerals?

...... In crystallography, the plane passing through the center of an atom in a crystal is called a crystal plane. The crystal can develop a polyhedral shape composed of planes of different orientations during the self-generating process, and the plane in the shape of these polyhedrons is called a crystal face. The crystal face is basically a smooth and flat plane; however, when observed carefully, it is often seen that there are irregularities and various regular crystal faces are formed. Crystal face pattern 1, crystal face stripe: a series of parallel or intersecting stripes can be seen on the crystal faces of many crystals and arranged strictly in a certain crystal direction. 2. Eclipse: A hillock with geometrically concave pits or protrusions appearing on the crystal face of the crystal. 3, imprint: the crystal face pattern caused by the extrusion of multiple crystals during growth. The crystal face pattern has important identification significance for some minerals. When observing, attention should be paid to the shape of the crystal face pattern, the direction of extension, the width and width of the grain, and the symmetry reflected. Diamond crystal face pattern Diamond surface often has some special signs of diamond growth, called diamond crystal face pattern, such as triangle cone, triangle pit, step growth and so on. The retained native crystal faces can often be seen in the waist and inconspicuous locations in the cut loose diamonds. Diamond structure and growth texture can often be seen on the surface and inside, according to this(View original)
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