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What is the mineral geological exploration?

...... What is the mineral geological exploration to find the deposit and find out the distribution of the ore body, the type, quality, quantity, mining, utilization conditions, technical and economic evaluation and application prospects of the minerals, and meet all the geological exploration work required by the state construction or mining enterprises. For mineral exploration, geological mapping, geophysical exploration, geochemical exploration, remote sensing geology, etc. should be used to apply cataloging, sampling, testing, reserve calculation, technical and economic evaluation or feasibility by means of drilling, pit exploration, well exploration and trough exploration. Research and other projects require a lot of capital investment. Mineral resources are buried underground, characterized by scarcity, concealment and complexity, so mineral exploration is a risky job. The ultimate goal of mineral exploration is to provide the necessary geological data such as mineral resources/reserves and mining technical conditions for mine construction design to reduce development risks and maximize economic benefits. The exploration of solid minerals is divided into four stages: pre-examination, general survey, detailed investigation and exploration. The pre-examination is a comprehensive study of the data in the area, analogy and preliminary field observations, and a small amount of engineering verification. It provides a preliminary understanding of the prospects of mineral resources in the pre-examination area, and proposes areas with large potential for mineralization for census and for development areas. The economy provides reference materials. The census is to carry out geological exploration and chemistry in areas with large mineralization potential.(View original)
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