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Improvement of pretreatment process for electroplating silver of beryllium bronze parts

...... Fu Ming (China Air-to-Air Missile Research Institute, Luoyang, Henan 471009, China) Abstract: The difficulty of electroplating silver for beryllium bronze parts was analyzed, and the pretreatment process was improved. The following optimal process is proposed: ultrasonic cleaning-electrochemical degreasing-hydrochloric acid activation-alkali boiling-removal--mixed acid corrosion-chemical polishing-hydrochloric acid--cyanide pre-plated copper-pre-silver-silver-plated-post-treatment (anti-silver discoloration). After adopting the process, the problem that the bonding strength of the plating of the beryllium bronze parts is not good and the color is easy to be discolored is solved, and the product quality is ensured. Key words: beryllium bronze; electroplating silver; pretreatment CLC number: TQ153.16; TG178 Document code: A Article ID: 1004每227X(2010)04每0010每03 1﹞Preface 鎀Bronze material has very good Processing and forming properties, after heat treatment, its hardness, strength, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance can be obtained(View original)
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