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Under the New Deal, housing management executives have been "resigned"

...... The new property market has been full in March. In addition to the rapid contraction in market transactions and the slowdown in housing prices, many corporate executives and employees have left their posts, and some real estate company shareholders have consciously withdrawn from the real estate business. Industry experts said that the personnel changes of executive staff are mostly due to performance pressure. The check out of shareholder companies is too pessimistic about the industry outlook. Since the implementation of the New Deal in the property market, due to performance pressure, the departure of employees of real estate companies has become commonplace. Corporate executives frequently being to leave. In fact, not only ordinary employees are injured, but many development company executives are frequently being left. According to the rough statistics of this reporter, since the "415" New Deal, at least 20 senior executives including China Merchants Real Estate, Gemdale Group, Guangzhou Vanke and Poly Real Estate have successively left. Among them, the most striking is the number of Jindi Group. In just over 40 days, three heavyweight executives have been lost. Prior to this, Li Binhai, Chairman of Poly Real Estate and Sun Wenjie, Chairman of China Construction, retired. Among the private real estate developers, Lin Haochang, the chief financial officer of Longhu Real Estate, and Wang Shaojian, the chief financial officer of SOHO China, and Wang Dongliang, the director of Shimao shares, also resigned. Most executives are related to performance. Famous(View original)
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