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How to make the management of the automobile transmission gear


fromequipmentIntroduced in the early early to participate in, to the preventive maintenance in the process of normal production, rapid response to fault occurs, after the analysis summary, finally to problem solving strategy should be integrated use of various maintenance, reasonable plan as a whole, reduce the stop loss.In addition to the gear grinding machine, for the otherequipmentPerfect and meticulous maintenance strategy is a powerful guarantee for the production run smoothly.

In modern enterprises, the scope and depth of the fusion technology and management is more and more big, the good technology must be reflect its value through good management, good technology and good management must also work efficiency, the harmonious development of both is the cornerstone of manufacturing enterprises have been developing steadily.

In the machining process of automobile transmission gear, the increase of market demand for the number of products in the line also increased, the gear grinding machine production in many kinds of mixed flow under the condition of reasonable production organization and management and maintenance management can reduce product line change frequency, improve equipment utilization, make the production more equalization, better guarantee the machining quality and efficiency.

In machine tool for transmission gears, for processing gear, gear shaper is often used to gear shaving, gear hobbing gear shaving or roll teeth gear grinding and crowded teeth, precision forging, gear honing processing technology.Among them, the tooth - hot rolled grinding process can be corrected after gear error that are generated in the pre processing and heat treatment, reduce the tooth surface roughness, have higher precision, better gear tooth surface quality.With the constant improvement of worm wheel gear grinding machine technology, the efficiency of the gear grinding also is able to greatly improve, in mass production, to get more and more widely used.

Faw - Volkswagen co., LTD., the actuator workshop, in the new product MQ250 gearbox (the five manual shift gearbox used in soar team, magotan manually on the box model) of production, for individual variety of gears, the gear hobbing before - hot after the grinding process, the purchase of Gleason HURTH 245 TWG gear grinding machine is used for input shaft, gear ring, and two, three, five gear grinding processing, to enhance the quality of gearbox manufacturing.Car gearbox USES the worm wheel gear grinding process.In the domestic application is less, for actuator workshop is unknown, the characteristics of gear grinding machine and use also is still in exploring and learning stage.In the actual production, the gear grinding machine is that the cost of a single relatively expensive,The cutting tool, repair and maintenance cost is higher, the actuator workshop again face the shortage of capacity, many varieties, the contradiction of the mixed flow production makes the gear grinding machine using early production organization, the maintenance,The cutting toolMany of the problems of line loss and frequent change.How system, reasonable and quickly solve these problems is shop faces a big challenge, is also the purpose of this paper wants to discuss.

Technical improvement and breakthrough can solve the problems in the practical production, but how to make use of limited resources, complete production tasks, improve the production efficiency, reduce production costs, will have to consider the gear grinding machine in the production of many kinds of mixed flow under the condition of production organization and management.

Equalization of production and in the face of difficulties

Gear section of gear grinding machine manufacture different 5 kinds of gear box, must often change to meet the needs of the gearbox assembly line production.Under the condition of the original planning capacity, the factory can meet the production requirements, however, with the increase of MQ250 market demand, the original planning capacity cannot have satisfied the demand of production.Many varieties of small batch update frequency increase market need to make plan, in line number increase, combined with the transformation of each type are need to change the cutting tool, jig, tray and program, and it takes a lot of time to change line of machine tool adjustment and wheel dressing.Therefore, this makes the production flow slows, greatly restricted the market demand.In addition, the gear grinding machine is high precision equipment, frequently change line precision and service life of machine tool is bound to cause serious influence.According to the plan at this time the production and use of JIT production management way will make the production in the face of great risk, unable to finish the task.

In order to reduce in line frequency, improve equipment utilization, reserves will increase in products, however, because the production task, can be used to build store chunks of time very few, combined with the equipment had stopped, built by compressed time reserves will soon run out.Simple storage ideas already can't meet the requirements of building, so you need to consider the problem of equalization production.

1. About the reasonable reserve

Reasonable reserve, similar to the effect of reservoir, can suddenly become more frequent changes in plan and production requirement under the condition of the release of production capacity, to the gear grinding to enough buffer time, not because of the change of mission assault in line, so as to enhance the utilization rate of equipment.

Figuratively speaking, the pool is the entrance to the equipment capacity, pools on the basis of each variety is divided into several small pools, every small pools in constant flow, constant outflow of water is the consumption of daily production.The control valve inlet flow distribution is in line, each small pools of water velocity is different.If a pool of water too fast, lower than the warning water level, so, this should add water pool, that is to say, should be in line production.

But, what is reserve can be in on-line?To determine the reasonable wip reserves is not as easy as imagined, it need to change the processing method of gear grinding machine.Gear processing is based on the assembly of the original plan production, belong to pull the upstream and downstream the benefits of this approach is to reduce the products, reduce the production cost.But the downside is under the control of the production of upstream process, plan changes elasticity decrease.In order to increase the resistance to change of elasticity that enables the gear grinding function is released in full capacity, so the way to change this to plan work, put the number in accordance with the plan for production parts way into according to the way of time independent production parts.Gear grinding machine for each of the parts processing time is different, if in accordance with the planned production assembly, some parts of the processing is a slowdown, and some shortcomings of time, need additional overtime.If the time measurement processing, can effectively reduce the waste of time and artificial allocation problem.For example, five gear machining time is shorter, second gear beat longer, at the beginning of time, will be broadly in line with a second gear and five file allocation of time, so the number of five gear machining can be a little more, into the reserve pool.Through constant length of statistics and comparison, can determine the reasonable processing time, eventually determine the different parts of reserves.

2. The effective implementation of visual management

Smooth communication can improve efficiency, reduce errors.Will produce HuanXing information into visual information can be clear at a glance, it is also a very important management means.

In reservoir, for example, at the scene of the production can be made into a histogram moment response changes.The horizontal axis of the graph are all kinds of parts, the top of the column is the wip reserve quantity of each parts, the bottom is the same day the amount of consumption.For each part, there are two line, one is the highest reserves, a is the lowest reserve.The operator to do is to enter in the table below, the varieties, production of the label on the sliding bar chart.For these two line, to be set by the production plan of personnel responsible for adjust the position on a regular basis.

In fact, in addition to the completion of processing in products reserves, to coordinate the entrance to the blank reserves.For gear grinding machine, it should take from the first machining process, heat treatment and hot relatively not bottleneck, in the face of difficult and less, go here.

Improve equipment running rate

Reduce equipment down, can minimize indefinite factors, reduce stop due to prevent effect and higher reserves.

Here first promoted the rapid response in the process of preventive maintenance and repair.Carry out preventive maintenance can effectively reduce equipment stop risk, eliminate hidden dangers in the bud, has the very good effect to improve equipment running rate.However, blindly pursue preventive maintenance is also not realistic, regular inspection and maintenance, in a planned way to arrange maintenance can not fundamentally solve the problem of down, change a point of view, down is inevitable., but, how to stop happen quickly repair fault, shorten the down time, ensure the operation of the production, there are some ideas you can refer to.

In view of the gear grinding machine maintenance strategy and organization

To newer devices, such as gear grinding machine, to quickly improve maintenance knowledge reserve, only by maintenance personnel experience and try to have already can't satisfy the need of production.At the beginning of the equipment introduction, maintenance personnel should be involved in the planning and purchasing process of equipment, from the perspective of equipment usability, compatibility, and maintenance, puts forward requirements for equipment manufacturer, and the project operation began to participate in the equipment operation and maintenance training.If conditions permit, to the best is to use the equipment manufacturers to learn, understand and existing experienceskills

In the equipment installed, the process of acceptance, maintenance department also want to actively participate in, for the location, the equipment are prone to ahead of time to spare parts, training, file receiving considerations, and the equipment using phase, use of preventive maintenance system, timely discover and feedback the problem.To the operation of the specific and targeted, can use questions table way, way of brainstorming and panel.

After failure occurs, for the initial problem determination, needs to have a brainstorm process, because often about a new problem, the original personal experience is not enough to use, from the source to the theoretical analysis and don't have enough time, so it's best to play the advantages of more people, composed of technical team, for group discussion, to improve the possibility of problem solving.

In the maintenance of the fault, to avoid people work together, because many hands miscellaneous, the thinking of maintenance personnel easily disturbed, and at the same time there is a potential safety hazard, is not conducive to the solution of the fault.To solve the problem of finished, also must carry on the cause analysis, avoid failure happen again.

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