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Discussion on the electrical maintenance technology of CNC machine tools

...... I. Maintenance knowledge of CNC equipment CNC equipment is an advanced processing equipment with high degree of automation and complex structure, which is the key and key equipment of the enterprise. In order to play the high efficiency of numerical control equipment, it is necessary to operate correctly and maintain carefully to ensure the utilization of equipment. Proper operation can prevent abnormal wear of the machine tool and avoid sudden failures. Doing routine maintenance can keep the equipment in good technical state, delay the deterioration process, and discover and eliminate hidden troubles in time to ensure safe operation. 1. Problems that should be paid attention to when using numerical control equipment 1.1 The use environment of numerical control equipment To improve the service life of numerical control equipment, it is generally required to avoid direct sunlight and other heat radiation, and to avoid places that are too humid, excessive dust or corrosive gases. . Corrosion gas is easy to cause electronic components to be corroded and deteriorated, resulting in poor contact or short circuit between components, affecting the normal operation of the equipment.(View original)
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