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Heavy truck management system

...... Product Description Heavy truck management system is a new intelligent service system based on vehicle networking technology. The system is based on management + service, which is completely different from traditional after-sales service. The product aims to create maximum value for users and provides a comprehensive solution for heavy-duty trucks with full life cycle. Product background: With the development of the Internet of Things industry, the Internet of Vehicles industry has also emerged, and the trend of heavy truck networking is just around the corner. Domestic commercial vehicle intelligent management expert, Hangzhou Hongquan Digital Equipment Co., Ltd. relies on the understanding of vehicle management and system integration development capability (the company has developed G-BOS system for Suzhou Jinlong in the bus field), and the relevant domestic unique technology and experience The recognition of Shaanxi Heavy Truck Co., Ltd. is an exclusive remote card management system for Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck. Management concept: Based on the three-dimensional management idea of ??People's Car Road, it ensures the safety of driving and restores the scene of the accident. People: The system thinks that drivers are driving habits and cars.(View original)
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