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Korenix product transportation application program

...... Case name Shantou Expressway toll station monitoring system transformation program selection product / model JetNet 4008f-s 8-port 100M Web-managed industrial Ethernet fiber optic switch (single mode) • Project description Yuedong Expressway Industrial Co., Ltd. The reconstruction system of the monitoring system of the toll station of the Puhui section. There are 8 toll stations in this section, and 16 channels of monitoring images per station are color images. Each channel has a flow rate of 500KB~2M, and one station is monitored once, with a total length of about 90 kilometers. The monitoring images of each station should be stored locally, and then sent to the management center for unified monitoring, and line backup is required. Current operation plan: Collect several important images of each station, send the images of 8 stations one by one to the DVR of the management center through the optical transceiver, and then access the central commercial switch, and monitor the image from the center. . Reconstruction plan: Use DVR storage locally at each station(View original)
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  • Instrumentation Amplifier: Multichannel Precision Instrumentation Amplifier with Programmable Gain (INA102)
  • Gain adjustable amplification: gain programmable differential input--differential output amplifier circuit
  • Gain adjustable amplification: gain programmable low noise amplifier circuit
  • Gain adjustable amplification: gain programmable instrumentation amplifier circuit
  • Gain adjustable amplification: programmable gain meter amplifier circuit composed of PGA103
  • CCD application circuit circuit diagram: MOS image sensor oscilloscope home circuit diagram 1
  • Gain adjustable amplification: cascade amplifier consisting of PGA202 and PGA203
  • Gain adjustable amplification: programmable current source consisting of PGA203