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IEI supports the application of UPS smart battery tablet in logistics forklift system

...... Project Background: With the development of computer science and automation technology, the logistics management system has evolved from a simple method to an automated management. Its main symbol is automatic logistics equipment, such as AGV-Automated guided vehicle, automatic storage. , AS/RS-Automated storage/retrieve system, SKY-RAV-Rail automated vehicle, stacker crane, etc., and the emergence of logistics computer management and control systems. The main goal of the logistics system is to pursue time and space benefits. Project principle: In the terminal logistics system, the elevator system is equipped with the UPC-12A, which can collect data in real time like a barcode scanner, helping to reduce manual operations and providing a convenient and fast real-time operating system. The project is connected to the back-end server through the IEI tablet, and the front end is connected to the camera via the RS-232 port to complete real-time monitoring and data acquisition. And the built-in UPS smart phone on the tablet(View original)
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