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Inverter spare parts of electromagnetic pollution and electromagnetic interference


The inverterReferred to as the 20th century, electric drive field landmark product, induction ac asynchronous motorThe inverterSpeed regulation technology contributed to the development of industry great power.The inverter in the field of industrial automation control in particular is more and more widely used, but it also raises new questions.
Inverter spare parts regardless of the size are electromagnetic pollution sources, just at the beginning of the inverter used, electromagnetic pollution degree is low and not brought to the attention of the people, but increase with the scope of application, dozens of hundreds of inverter is dense set at the factory, thus the electromagnetic pollution were into a magnified one hundred times.
Inverter and other electrical spare parts caused by electromagnetic pollution problems gradually attention by people, the international and domestic has the relevant specifications, to control the pollution problem of the frequency converter and similar spare parts, but because of fast economic development in China, and many factories to inverter of electromagnetic pollution and pollution prevention, anti interference problem of understanding is not deep.
Electromagnetic pollution produced by frequency converter, can make the power supply system is affected, at the same time also will interfere with the automation control system, and produces more severe damage to its reliability, even it may spread to the inverter itself, cause the inverter itself bootstrap speed regulation failure.
Inverter interference problem is divided into three kinds, including interference, inverter for weak current converter itselfequipmentElectromagnetic interference and the outside world to interfere with frequency converter, the top two interference was due to the interference of the inverter itself characteristics.Frequency converter with disruptive because of frequency converter in the department of electronics with nonlinear characteristics, the operation will produce higher harmonic.
The inverter main circuit obvious nonlinear characteristics, affect other spare parts within the system, is the key point of pollution prevention, anti interference objects.Inverter control circuit is belongs to the weak signal circuit, instead will be affected by the interference of other devices, so in the process of frequency inverter installation and usage of spare parts, should be strengthened to prevent interference to control circuit.

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