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Chinas financial leasing industry is still green

...... Full of calculations, since the establishment of the international leasing business in 1979, the Chinese financial leasing industry has come to an end. What makes the leasing industry embarrassing is that in many professional situations, many other financial industry people are still vague or even ignorant of the concept of financial leasing. The 30-year exploration has been so "green." There is a paradox in solving the financing difficulties of SMEs. It has no credit and it is also loaned to it. Qu Yankai, executive vice chairman of the leasing industry committee of the China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment, believes that the biggest support for SMEs is to let it seize the opportunity. Make money; it can't buy equipment, and there is no credit loan, then buy equipment to rent it; with lease credit, you can gradually accumulate loan credit. "The risk of leasing credit is far less than the credit risk, especially for the leasing company of the manufacturer. Once the rent is not paid, the equipment is still there, and the remaining value is still there, there will be no 100% loss." In the 1980s, as a planned economy(View original)
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