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In the production monitoring double from the application of electronic Angle sensor in tower crane


Along with the development of the construction, the construction of mechanization degree increase year by year, tower crane (tower), as a kind of materials to implement vertical and horizontal transportation machinery, especially for its high hoisting height, weight lifting, large working range etc, has been widely used in construction industry.However, because of tower crane structure is relatively large, accompanied by aerial work, so prone to tower tilting accident.These accidents not only influence the construction progress, and to the countries and people brought huge losses of life and property.

The tower crane installation safety limit device, mainly includes the loading-capacity limiter, crane moment limiter, amplitude limiter, hoisting height limiter, rotary limiter.The role of the safety device is tower crane in use process once more than setting value automatically cut off power supply, to prevent the tower crane accidents.Cause of tower tilting is more important for the hidden trouble of check does not reach the designated position, although the safety limit devices are installed on the tower crane, but can't check some hidden dangers exist, in hoisting or specific circumstances make the risk factors, eventually lead to the tower caused tower tilting Angle is too large.So, how to effectively detect the tower before use and use process Angle, the size of the report in a timely manner when the dip Angle is greater than a certain critical state can effectively prevent the happening of the tower crane tilting accident.

In tower crane tilting prevention monitoring instrument, which is the main part of the Angle measuring device.The role of the Angle measuring device is real-time measuring tower tilted Angle.Due to the Angle change at the top of the tower is very small, Angle measurement device sampling frequency in the 0.5-10 hz range, measurement accuracy is higher than 0.05 degrees.At the same time to filter out the tower vibration caused by noise, guarantee communication reliable and accurate.

Shanghai forte from electronic technology co., LTD developed is fit for measuring the inclination of the tower crane tower top Angle sensor, the sensor sampling frequency to reach 3 hz, measuring accuracy reached 0.02 degrees, with the outside through a variety of communication interface such as RS232, 4 ~ 20 ma signal transmission information, entirely suitable for tower crane tilting prevention alarm requirements.

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