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Flame retardant finishing of polyester/cotton fabric

...... Polyester/cotton fabrics are widely used because of their excellent performance and durability. However, they have a unique skeleton effect when burned, which makes them more flammable than pure polyester or cotton fabrics, leaving a small safety hazard in daily life. . It is precisely because of the candle effect in the burning of polyester-cotton fabrics that the flame-retardant finishing of polyester-cotton fabrics is far more difficult than pure cotton fabrics or pure polyester fabrics. This topic has become a hot spot in scientific research in recent years. According to the combustion and flame retardant mechanism of cotton fiber and polyester, there are usually two kinds of flame-retardant finishing methods for polyester-cotton blended fabrics: the first one is to treat the fabric after flame retardant treatment to achieve flame retardant purpose. Foreign polyester-cotton blended fabric flame retardants can be classified into the following three categories: phosphorus and nitrogen-containing flame retardant series, halogen (bromine) flame retardant series and phosphorus containing phosphorus and nitrogen-containing flame retardants. And bromine-containing flame retardant series. However, the flame retardant finishing technology and the flame retardant properties of the polyester-cotton blended fabrics currently developed are still difficult to meet.(View original)
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