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Australia and collapse out-of-school training college students tuition or difficult to recover


Australia has 14 new province over the past six months training school collapses, thousands of students affected.The day before yesterday (24), located in Sydney darling declared bankruptcy case of LKJ hairstyle design college, the school has one hundred students.And institute for advanced study in AUSTECH declared bankruptcy on Monday, the 760 students drop out of school.

The federal education minister girardi (JULIA GILLARD) the day before yesterday tried to assuage his suspicion of Australian vocational education industry is damaged, said college collapse was a major cause of change caused by Australian immigration policy.She said Australia's education industry still leads the world.

The Australian immigrationThe agentHe, chief executive of the association (MAURENE HOLDER), in the new province 1042 registered training institute, there will be more private colleges and universities have failed.She said this week at a hotel management and a hairstyle design institute have collapsed, the affected students might like the thousands of other students pay the full tuition, difficult to pursue money and continue to stay.

She said: "this is not the first or the last collapse between college, this is a bad time in the education industry, but according to William parrett (former liberal Congressman BRUCE BAIRD) report, we can see the future of education more stable and professional."

The federal government announced in February, a comprehensive review of immigration policy, to prevent students legal use of hair styling and hotel management training courses such as low technology, to obtain permanent residence.

It is reported, most of Australia's overseas students take vocational training courses, from the 2004 2004 surge to the end of last year, 230000 people, among them with Indian students most.Over the past four years, to provide hair styling, hotel management, accounting and proliferated business program of the college, to meet the needs of the students to obtain residency.

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