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Five-year-old child can study abroad

...... The latest news from the New Zealand Immigration Service, New Zealand's amendments to the immigration regulations have taken effect. According to the new regulations, foreign children over the age of five can obtain a tourist visa and are allowed to study in New Zealand for three months each year. According to experts, the New Zealand Immigration Bureau's revised regulations intend to age the applicants, indicating that New Zealand attaches more importance to China's education, tourism and cultural exchanges. It also shows that the study abroad policy in New Zealand has been relaxed again. It is reported that the issue of whether a minor child needs a guardian to accompany him, the New Zealand Immigration Service and the Ministry of Education have made the following adjustments: The international students between the ages of ten and thirteen can be without parental supervision if they are a group. Register for them. Children over the age of 10 and under the age of 10 who are accompanied by a guardian will be required to issue a letter of agreement between the school and the parent or guardian to prove that the parent or guardian agrees to the student's admission to the school and to the school. New Zealand allows five-year-olds to study abroad, and it also shows that Chinese students have once again relaxed their policies.(View original)
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