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Popular studies in New Zealand, study difficulties and employment analysis

...... With the arrival of the peak of studying abroad, New Zealand, as a new study abroad country, is no less concerned than the old-fashioned countries studying in the United States, Britain and France. New Zealand has become a popular study abroad country. It is not a series of preferential policies implemented by the New Zealand government. not open. New Zealand has followed the British education in the federal state, and the quality of education is far ahead. New Zealand has eight national universities, but many polytechnics. Among its eight national universities, five national universities are among the top five universities in the world. The Top 100, which fully demonstrates the quality of education in New Zealand and the prestigious schools in New Zealand. The senior study abroad experts will give an analysis to the international students who are going to study abroad. The analysis of the hot majors in New Zealand, the difficulty of studying and the employment rate, I hope to give a good reference to the students and parents, and to look at the popular majors and study abroad. Employment. The difficulty of entering a school is a factor in the requirements of the comprehensive school for students and the number of students enrolled. The higher the difficulty of entering the school, the more people enrolled and the stricter the requirements of the school; the employment rate refers to the difficulty of finding a job after graduation. The lower the employment rate, the easier it is to find a job; the more employment rate High, it indicates that the employment market is highly competitive and work is not easy to find;(View original)
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