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China Building Materials Engineering Group, Luozi Shahe to build a "three new" industrial base

...... On April 13, China National Building Material International Engineering Group Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with Shahe Municipal People's Government and Shahe Safety Industry Co., Ltd. in Shahe City. The three parties will work together to build the commanding heights of Shahe Glass Industry and jointly build "new materials, new glass, New energy "three new industrial bases. Peng Shou, Chairman of China Building Materials Engineering Group, Jiang Deguo, Secretary of Xingtai Municipal Committee of Hebei Province, Qu Bin, Mayor of Shahe City, and Yao Jianlong, Chairman of Shahe Safety Industry, jointly launched the crystal ball and announced the start of the Shahe Three New Industrial Base Project. China Building Materials Engineering Group actively implements the strategic deployment of China National Building Materials Group's Three New (new building materials, new houses, new energy materials), closely integrates the needs of low-carbon development of the industry, and will rely on high-quality resources in Shahe City, Hebei Province, with core autonomy. Intellectual property technology is the forerunner, adopting the most advanced oxy-combustion technology in the world, providing the most advanced and cutting-edge for the Shahe Three New industrial base project.(View original)
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