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The opening does not reinforce the roof accident

...... First, after the accident, one night and night shift, a certain excavation team employee Liu opened the drilling machine nest in the belt lane of the South 11 mining area, and did not hit the anchor cable beam at the opening, and entered the working surface construction. When the next class member arrives at the working face, he sees that there is no anchor cable beam, and he will make a timely strike. Just hit one. When the second anchor cable is hit, the top slag appears to be slag, and just start to drop the small piece. After a while, the roof of the belt lane also showed slight slag, followed by a large amount of slag. At this time, the staff in the class threw away the bolt machine and other tools and ran out. The people did not withdraw much, and the entire belt lane was After dropping a large pile of slag, the sound on the top was also very loud. It didn't take long for the entire belt lane to be filled with slag, causing a roof accident. II. Analysis of the cause of the accident 1. The construction unit did not follow the requirements of safety technical measures. The construction of the drilling rig was started without first reinforcing the opening, resulting in an increase in the roof area, which was the direct cause of the roof accident. 2, the captain, secretary and staff on duty(View original)
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